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Silvia Chalukian

International Diploma in Mexico´s Medicinal Plants , Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, México
MSc in Wildlife Management, Universidad Nacional Heredia, Costa Rica. Thesis: “Regeneration, succession and invasion of plan species in a Yungas forest, Salta, Argentina”
BSc in Ecology and Conservation of Renewable Natural Resources, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina

Ecologist with background in conservation biology and field ecology, educational and academic administration, with experience in management and conservation of natural resources. Experience in research, advisory and publication  in the area of wildlife and protected areas management and planning, subtropical forest ecology, primate and ungulate ecology, vegetation and fauna inventories.
Experience as profesor at the Pan American School of Agriculture, Zamorano, Honduras, and coordinating projects related to her areas of expertise.
Work experience in different countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Grenada, Honduras, on management and conservation of biodiversity and management planning of protected areas.