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Rossana Gaudiosso

Master´s Degree in Energy and Environments Policy and Economics, Universidad Nacional del Comahue-Fundación Bariloche, Argentina
Posgraduate in Economy of Climate Change and Natural Resocurces, FLACSO, Argentina
Economist Degree, School of Economics, Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Currently not available as consultant as she works in the SNAACC of Uruguay.
Professor and Researcher at the Institute of Economics, Faculty of Economy and Administration, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Director of Planification and Energy studies at “Dirección Nacional de Energía y Tecnología Nuclear”, from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (Uruguay), from 2001 to 2012.
Areas of expertise:
Prospective long-term studies of demand and supply of energy and design and evaluation of future scenarios of energy and environmental policies, through the use of analytical energetic models and optimization.
Evaluation of the economic impact of climate change and evaluation of adaptation and mitigation programs.
Economic, energetic and environmental assessment of the impact of energetic policies (development of renewable energies).