Development of the Vision and National REDD+ Strategy for Suriname

The National Institute for the Environment and Development in Suriname (NIMOS), under the framework of the REDD+ Readiness project

“Strengthening national capacities of Suriname for the elaboration of the national REDD+ Strategy and the design of its implementation framework”

hired AAE, who is currently responsible for:


  • Desktop review and analysis:
    • Assessment of national policies and plans
    • Integration of existing studies
    • Consolidation of Results into final REDD+ Vision and Strategy


  • Stakeholder engagement (UN-REDD Guidelines):
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Benefits and Risks Tool (BeRT)
    • Strategic Environment and Social Assessment (SESA)
      • A SESA for REDD+ aims to assess the potential social and environmental benefits and risks of the Policies and Measures (PAMs) included in the National REDD+ Strategy in order to develop ways to promote REDD+ benefits and avoid, or where this is impossible, minimize and manage, potential REDD+ risks. This is achieved by combining analytical and participatory elements into a comprehensive assessment of social and environmental issues, enabling conditions and stakeholders’ views and concerns regarding the Policies and Measures suggested for inclusion into the country’s National REDD+ Strateg
      • The participatory elements of Suriname’s SESA process included two national workshops and a series of community consultations. By November 2017, the SESA process had reached out to over 800 stakeholders from a range of different backgrounds, including government, NGO, private sector, academia, civil society organizations, indigenous peoples groups and local community members. The community consultations and surveys covered all ten (10) different communities inhabiting the vast forest areas of Suriname’s interior, accumulating the views of more than 660 local community members. Cultural sensitivity and gender issues were taken into special consideration throughout the participatory elements of Suriname’s SESA.
    • Identification of concerns and needs and REDD+ Vision


  • Modelling of future land use change scenarios for different development priorities

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