Preeya Rampersaud EN



Preeya Rampersaud

M.Sc, Environmental Management & Policy. Lund University, Sweden. 2008

Postgraduate Certificate, Technology and Sustainable Development. Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai India. 2005

B.Sc., Environmental Studies, University of Guyana, Guyana. 1999

A self-motivated and organized environmental policy and project management professional with over twelve (12) years professional experience working in the environment sector at different scales and with multiple stakeholders such as governments, international and local NGO’s, multilateral, bilateral and development agencies. Effectively prioritize and coordinate tasks to ensure timely project completion within a team environment.  A strong, practical, environmental management and climate change background and Guyana’s representative at the UNFCCC meetings from 2010 to 2013 tracking issues related to climate finance, adaptation, REDD+ and loss and damage.  Currently Senior Coordinator at WWF Guyanas.

Knowledge and experience in climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation and low carbon, climate-resilient development, environmental management and policy.