Maria Jesus Iraola EN



María Jesus Iraola

BSc in Geography, Faculty of Science, UdelaR, Uruguay. 2016
Specialization in Environmental Management and Land Use.

Internship at Universidad do Estado Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Brazil.

With a strong interest in the environment and land use change, recently graduated (2016) as a geographer from the Uruguayan University and one semester was done at the Universidad do Estado de Rio de Janeiro . Has been working as an independent consultant collaborating with AAE in numerous preparation and development of different projects such as environmental and social due diligence assessments and state of environment report for the Ministry of Guyana.

As an expert in the field of geography was invited to contribute as a fellow in the UN Environment Assessment- Sixth Global Environmental Outlook (GEO 6),  UN Environment’s main assessment of the state of the global environment, providing environmental trends for air, climate, water, land and biota.