Ma Eugenia Recio EN



María Eugenia Recio

MPhil-Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Lic. Derecho- Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España
Diploma en Derecho-Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maria Eugenia has over ten years of experience working in the areas of environmental law and policy and sustainable development at the local, national, regional and international levels; dealing with environmental policies in developed and developing countries, with focus is in Latin America. Her experience is wide and varied, always addressing the environmental governance from the perspectives of law and policies. Has provided legal environmental support to intergovernmental organizations such as UNEP, including its UN-REDD and REGATTA programs; NGO´s such as “think tanks” IIDMA (España) y FARN (Argentina); at the public sector, in the sector of international relations at the Ministry of Environment in Spain and private sector.
She also served in the management of environmental projects, especially in environmental legal aspects, organization of training activities and support in the coordination in the region (joint programs of United Nations). From 2010 also reports and closely follows the international environmental negotiations, especially climate change and protection of biodiversity. In addition, she is a researcher at the University of Finland (UEF) in law of the climate change.
Her areas of expertise are: environmental law, law of the climate change, forests and regulatory frameworks (REDD+, LULUCF, PSA), Latin American environmental policies and access to environmental justice.