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Jorge Trevin

Master Management of Natural Resources, Simon Fraser University, Canadá
Auditor Líder FSC
Forestry Engineer, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina
Extensive experience in forestry and environmental management. Professional experience developed in functions of planning, management, including the management of international projects, execution, evaluation, teaching, research, extension, audit and training. Experience in forests and climate change, FLEG and REDD-plus.
He has worked internationally in areas of forest management and natural resources that cover aspects of production, protection and conservation. He has extensive experience in tropical forestry (Honduras, Guyana and the Caribbean) as well as in temperate forests (Canada and Argentina). In recent years its activity has focused mainly on the environmental and social aspects of the integrated management of resources, and functions of analysis and planning of governance and public policies that determine the use and conservation of forests and natural resources.He has worked together with indigenous communities in Canada and Guyana. His duties as FSC lead auditor keep him in regular contact with the field work of forestry production. At the XIII World Forestry Congress held in Buenos Aires in 2009, he moderated the session on Participatory Management and Processes. Dicta Forestry Sector Planning in the Master in Forest Sciences of the National University of Misiones, Argentina.