Gustavo Ruiz Diaz EN



Gustavo Ruíz Díaz

Master in Agricultural Economy, Oklahoma State University, USA
Agricultural Engineer,Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay
Agricultural economist, with a long career in agricultural and rural development working with public and private institutions (cooperatives and producer associations). Proven competence in the preparation of sectoral strategies, policies and instruments (agricultural and rural investment programs and projects), in the analysis of rural credit and the market for agricultural products, and in the management and administration of rural development programs and projects.
Extensive experience in the formulation, administration, monitoring and evaluation of impact of programs and projects of rural and agricultural investments, administrative and management processes.
Work with various international organizations and agencies in the management of technical cooperation services and support for the formulation of loan projects such as the Inter-American Development Bank, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, FAO, Japan Bank of International Cooperation, World Bank, Swiss Agency for International Cooperation, JICA, IFAD, Action Against Hunger and others; and Hydroplan, a German irrigation company.

International experience as a board member of the World Bank in Washington DC and as a specialist in financial and economic evaluation of projects in Jamaica.