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Francesc Giró

MSc. in Conservation of Nature, University College London, UK
BSc in Biology, University of Barcelona
More than 30 years of experience in conservation of biodiversity. Has extensive field experience, having directed and participated in conservation projects, impact studies, landscaping, fluvial and wetland design and restoration, environmental conditioning and restoration, and advice in various environmental issues and sustainable tourism for different organizations at an international level, in countries such as Perú, Spain, Bolivia, Ecuador, Haití and Dominican Republic. Some of this works have been developed under the context of the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), where he was adviser, lecturer and organizer of world congresses.  In 1997 he founded “Fundación Natura”. Since then, he is the Director and has done works in Spain, Perú, Equatorial Guinea, Nicaragua and Honduras. He has directed projects of formation, technical assistance, organization of seminars of European experts on ecotourism, conservation and sustainable development projects, among others.
In addition to having  a dozen of publications and other papers in workshops, congresses and specialists meetings, he has given classes and lecturers for general public and graduate/postgraduate students.