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Alexander Koch

Master in Management and Restoration of Nature, Universidad de Barcelona, España
Diploma in Management of Fauna and natural spaces, Universidad de Cádiz, España
Exam for de German State in Law – International Law, Humbolt University of Berlin, Germany
Bachelor in Law, Leipzig University, Germany
Professional in the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity. Has more that 8 years of professional experience in the development of projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Has worked in various fields of conservation and sustainable development, from  strengthening local community capacities to strategic consultancy for governments and international cooperation.
Before, he had developed carbon forestry initiatives, REDD+ and clean energy with the UNDP, in the private sector and with the WFP.
Among others, he co-managed the UNEP program “Carbon Finance for Agriculture, Silviculture, Conservation and Action against Deforestation” (CASCADe) who has provided technical assistance to more that 25 innovative projects  of re-forestation, agroforestry, bio energy and REDD+ in seven African countries. He did presentations in various international conferences, like ‘Carbon Expo’ and the African Carbon Forum, and has organized numerous workshops of capacitation related to climate change, clean energy, and economic mechanisms for forest conservation in developing countries.