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Adolfo Kindgard

Specialist in Remote Sensing, EROS, Sioux Falls, USA
MSc in Soils, EPG, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Agricultural Engineering, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Professor and Researcher in applications of remote sensing at CIATE (Centro de investigaciones aplicadas de teledetección), Universidad de Buenos Aires. Expert consultant in Remote Sensing and G.I.S. and Forestry Asesor. Currently, coordinates a team together with FAO Panamá of forestry mapping and monitoring for UN-REDD project.
Participated in scientific publications at national and international magazines and in publications for regional organisms such as UNEP, FAO, IICA, OEA.
In the last years que was regional of the G.I.S. of Gran Chaco americano, is national consultant for the project EU-Mercosur of good practices for desertification and drought control, and focal point monitoring desertification at the region NOA of the LADA-FAO project.  y
At the private sector, he is founder of Ecosat S.H. consultancy, that, since 2008 offers G.I.S. solutions and remote sensing for the forestry, agriculture and environmental sector in Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia.
At the production field, he is co-founder of TallTer S.R.L., firm dedicated to re-forestation, production of pallet and wood for construction, providing a direct link with the dynamic production of the forestry industry.
His areas of interest are aplication of remote sensing and G.I.S; Sustainable development, forest degradation, desertification and ecosystem restoration, development of local capacities, REDD+, and more.